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Download the resources below to learn how our unique methodology eliminates the three mistakes that will derail your buyer persona initiative:

  • Missing Insights — Because buyer profiles can’t tell you how, when and why buyers make the buying decision you want to influence, it’s tough to use them to improve your own decisions. Our 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ deliver actionable guidance by revealing the perceptions, attitudes and interactions that affect real buyers as they evaluate solutions like yours.
  • Recycled Information — If you build buyer personas from your internal knowledge or traditional qualitative research and surveys, you will only restate or validate your current thinking. Our method employs a unique and unscripted interview to tell you, in the buyers’ own words, what they want to learn as they evaluate their options to solve the problems that you address.
  • Excessive segmentation — By defining your personas based on your existing approaches to segmentation, you will create too many personas, leading to duplication of marketing efforts or teams that are too overwhelmed to use them. Our methodology discovers meaningful differences in your buyer’s expectations to determine how many buyer personas you really need.

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