Using Personas Workshop

Is your team ready to use buyer personas to define, defend and deliver game-changing marketing strategies and tactics?

In our interactive Applying Persona Insights workshop, your marketers will learn how to leverage your buyer personas to build highly engaging messaging and content. Through this customized online facilitation, we will work with your team to ensure that what you have to say aligns with what your buyers, salespeople and partner channels want to hear.

Who should attend: Marketers responsible for products, services, solutions, segments or industries

We hope you will contact us so that we can schedule a time to talk about your needs.

Equal Parts Facilitation and Skills Training

We will roll up our sleeves during three online sessions with your team, working through a five-step process that:

  • Ensures that your marketing message and content positions your solution as an exact match for your buyers’ needs
  • Matches the topics your buyers are researching with answers that demonstrate your competitive strengths
  • Identifies your core value proposition and short-form message elements
  • Aligns your sales team and/or partner channels with your insights and strategies
  • Motivates salespeople to prioritize marketing generated leads

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