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We Train Technology Sales People to Sell Like an Insider

81% of technology buyers say they cut providers from consideration when their sales reps can’t answer their questions. In fact, based on thousands of interviews with B2B buyers, the quality of the sales interaction has more impact on vendor selection than price, features or brand.

Insider Insight Sales Training is based on our unique ability to reverse engineer your sales pipeline and interview recent decision makers without revealing your identity. We use your buyer’s actual words about recent decisions to deliver the most engaging sales training your reps have ever attended. Our senior trainers will show your reps how to:

  • Quality Opportunities – Use Insider Insights™ to discover, early in a sales cycle, which accounts are an ideal match for your strengths and quickly exit those you can’t win.
  • Prepare Forecasts – Rely on Insider Insight™ into the buyer’s definition of the stages
    and the influencers for this decision to accurately and consistently communicate deal
  • Explain Unique Value – Hear your buyers reveal their attitudes, decision criteria, and
    objections to learn how to explain your strengths in context with your buyers’ needs.
  • Listen, educate, challenge – Prepare your reps to answer your buyers’ questions and
    deliver more credible responses than your competitors, earning their trust and business.

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What Do Technology Buyers Have To Say?

"What we often got was someone who seemed heavily invested in sales and wasn't really an expert. It was like pulling teeth because I felt that what we were asking was new to them."
"I don’t want anybody just walking in and trying to sell us something. There has to be a link to my industry. It seemed as though it was just a big sales job. Everybody’s selling, but it turns people off."
"The vendors need to be more honest with responses to the questions that come up, and candid in terms of what they can and can't do. Be honest with us."

Stop spending all of your sales training dollars on "generic how to" sales techniques that position your team as outsiders. Show your reps "why" your buyers make this investment so they can sell like an insider.

Ensure your sales team wins the deals they should.

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