Example Buyer Persona

We have always wanted to have an example buyer persona, but our clients would never allow their competitors to have access to such valuable insights. We can’t argue with that.

So we developed the following persona without a client in mind. We built it by interviewing marketers about their decision to buy an email marketing solution.

Please note that one important aspect of this persona is far more valuable when it is not an example. The Perceived Barriers insight for a real persona reveals the reasons that buyers do not choose the solution you are marketing. This is often one of the most actionable aspects of the buyer persona, identifying opportunities to build sales and marketing strategies that overcome your buyer’s objections. We couldn’t capture those insights without choosing a specific email marketing solution for our example.

We hope that this example buyer persona will help you to understand why the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ are rapidly becoming the standard framework for B2B and B2C buyers of medium-to-high consideration products, services and solutions.