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We build the only kind of personas that matter—the ones that are actionable.

The first step in any successful marketing or sales effort is to know your buyer.

But many so-called buyer personas are merely personality profiles, chock full of information, but short on actionable insight: What do customers really want? Why do they buy? What moves them from apathy into action? And what can you do to get them to decide in your favor?

We build buyer personas for clients who want more than pretty pictures and PowerPoint bullets. Our clients learn the truth—how buyers think and behave when they consider solutions like theirs–taking the guesswork out of their marketing and sales enablement decisions.

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We encourage you to evaluate your insight options

When you do, you'll quickly realize that Buyer Persona Institute is unique in two critical ways: the way we discover buyer persona insights and the way we present them and help clients take action.

  • Discovery: We interview recent buyers and invite them to tell us what worked, and what didn't, as they compared their options to buy a solution like yours.

    Typical research begins with a carefully crafted survey or "discussion guide" intended to capture reactions to questions you think are important. These approaches may work well when you need to validate your assumptions, but they are useless when you want to learn something new.

    To ensure we discover your buyer's whole truth, we find people who have recently engaged in a buying decision similar to the one you want to influence and ask them to "Take us back to the day when you first decided to evaluate…" Then we let the buyer take the wheel. We don't push our agenda, but use every probe and follow-up question for a critical objective — to go deeper into the buyer's mindset and uncover the facts your buyers haven't shared with anyone.

  • Presentation: Direct connections to strategies for marketing, content and sales

    Instead of painting a personality picture, we synthesize and analyze each participant's own words based on 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ to deliver a persona filled with actionable insights: the conditions that trigger your buyer's need, their perception of a successful outcome, their barriers to choosing you, the capabilities they expect you to deliver, and the steps they take to identify alternative suppliers and choose one.

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