Buyer Persona Masterclass

It’s not enough to know who you’re targeting. You must know why they act and how they buy. With the Buyer Persona Masterclass, you’ll put an end to the guesswork – and create a platform for efficient, effective and truly exceptional marketing.

In this practical, deep-dive workshop – available online on your schedule and at your pace – you’ll gain the skills you need to transform your marketing and sales platform from one based on guesses to one based on crucial buying insights that come from the source that matters most: the buyers themselves.

You will learn how to…

…become a marketer who has clarity about the decision-making process your buyers have not yet shared with anyone else – and, in fact, may not even be conscious of themselves!

You’ll see how to communicate your findings through buyer personas that:

  • Guide differentiated messaging by identifying the points that have the most impact on your buyer’s decisions
  • Perfect targeting by identifying the buyers who are predisposed to buy your solutions and the reasons that others will be resistant
  • Inform persuasive marketing content with details about the questions your buyers are asking and which answers will persuade them to trust you
  • Optimize marketing ROI by telling you when and where your buyers are looking for you, which assets are more persuasive than others and why
  • Align with the sales people through a shared focus on buyers that you both understand and more…
BONUS FEATURES exclusive to Buyer Persona Masterclass attendees:
  • A live 90-minute Masterclass Q&A session with Adele Revella
  • The Buyer Persona Masterclass Workbook packed with notes, examples, illustrations and helpful graphics.
  • The Buyer Persona Aggregator Template for compiling interview results quickly and coherently
  • A sample interview request/script that gets results!
  • 9 Tips for Landing the interview
  • A copy of Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer's Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business (Wiley)
Within a few hours you will know:
  • The 5 Rings of Buying Insight you must understand in order to craft targeted campaigns that speak to your buyers’ deepest needs and concerns
  • Where to make marketing investments for maximum impact – and which marketing sinkholes to avoid
  • How to distinguish your most receptive prospects from the least likely buyers who waste time, resources and money
  • Which product and service characteristics have real meaning for your buyers – and merit your most intense sales and marketing focus
  • Who you should recruit for interviews (Hint: the best interview subjects may not be the ones you expect…)
  • How to effectively reach, persuade and schedule interview subjects painlessly
  • Which subset of subjects you absolutely should not approach for an interview
  • The best times to reach a buyer – and what to do when you go into voice mail
  • How to get buyers to share information they have not shared with anyone before
  • The only two things every successful interview must have (and one surprising thing it should not – a script!)
  • The most important things to listen for – and how to get more of the good stuff, fast
  • How to turn “jargon” into your secret weapon for drawing deeper information
  • How to probe each phase of the decision-making process, from trigger to purchase
  • The one thing you should never ask if you’re to sustain trust and confidence
  • How to address the two most common reasons people don’t buy the solutions you’re marketing
  • How to build a powerful composite buyer persona from your interviews, easily
  • How many interviews to conduct to develop an actionable persona
  • What the acid test is for whether or not to develop further interviews
  • How to build a true persona-based message that resonates with buyers
  • Which proof points to use – and which to avoid
  • How to identify the top three priorities and success factors and the top three buyer concerns
  • How todetermine the numberof buyer personas you need to build (Hint: it’s fewer than you think)
  • A fool-proof way to win the hearts and minds of sales people with your persona work
Your methodology allowed us to bring a lot more value to Deloitte, which is one of our most important clients. Instead of speculation we know what buyers want and how they make decisions, critical insights that guide our messaging, marketing content and much more for all of our clients. Thank you for the great process and for helping me add new skills to my portfolio.
Samuel Williams, Managing Partner, Aamplify
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