About Us

Unlike conventional wisdom – which says that personas simply profile your buyers – we’re here because our clients have learned that audience profiling results in far too many personas and too few benefits.

Buyer Persona Institute was founded in April 2010 to deliver buying insights – revealing why buyers decide that now is the time to invest, why they don’t act sooner, and most urgently, how and why they decide which option best fits their needs.

We exist because no other resource available – not marketing automation, not focus groups or surveys, and not feedback from salespeople or customers – none of these reveals the buyer’s mindset with the specificity you need.

We’re recognized as the leader in buyer personas because once you’ve seen your buyer’s decision through their eyes, we’ll need only a few hours with your team to define the sales and marketing strategies that position you as your buyer’s ideal choice.

How do we do gain insight into your buyer’s decision mindset?

We start with your specifications for your target market. Then we work with our recruiting partners to find and schedule one-on-one interviews with buyers who have recently evaluated a solution like yours – people who should have been in your pipeline, or if you have an entirely new product or service, buyers who recently spent money to solve the problems you address.

We investigate the buyer’s TRUE story. Speculation about ideal buyers is dangerous and misleading. You need to hear from buyers who have navigated an actual buying decision – gaining surprising insights about your buyer’s struggle to understand their options and make the choices you want to influence.

We probe deeply, avoiding scripts that introduce bias. In a uniquely designed one-on-one interview, our senior researchers employ techniques that allow buyers to let down their guard and share the worries, goals, and constraints that accompanied their search. By the end of these interviews, it isn’t unusual for participants to thank us for the chance to speak candidly.

We protect everyone’s identity, guaranteeing complete anonymity to both you and the buyers we interview. By assuring participants that their story will be revealed only in aggregate with the others in your study, we gain permission to record each conversation, capturing the buyer’s language, motivations, perceptions and encounters throughout their journey.

We mine the resulting transcripts for gold using our 5 Rings of Buying Insight™. We identify patterns that meaningfully define this buying decision through your buyer’s raw stories – the buyer’s truth in their own words – so you know exactly what triggers their search, which benefits resonate, what obstacles slow decision-making or push them to competitors, who influences their selection process and how they make their final choice.

The result? Not buyer profiles, but game-changing insights and strategies that earn your buyer’s trust, and their business.

If you need the true story about your buyer’s decisions and how you can influence them, contact us.