Private Workshops and Coaching For Teams

Are you ready to lead a buyer-expert marketing team?

Our private team workshops motivate attendees and build confidence through a combination of structured skills training, customized exercises and individual coaching. We roll up our sleeves and work together to uncover insights that buyers have not yet shared with anyone, and learn how to apply those insights to game-changing marketing strategies and tactics.

Many of our clients ask us to stay engaged after the workshops, relying on our experience to guide the cultural and process changes that enable a company’s transition from product to buyer-focused.

Note that our private workshops are optimized for teams of six or more. For smaller groups or individuals, we recommend our pre-recorded Buyer Persona Masterclass.

Our two most popular team workshops

In the Discovering Persona Insights workshop, marketers learn how to develop buyer personas that focus on the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ -- the industry-leading framework for B2B or B2C buyers of medium-to-high consideration products, services and solutions.

Our interactive online or onsite workshop will show your team just how easy it is to locate the right people to interview, probe for critical details, and communicate their surprising findings to internal stakeholders.

Your team will be your company's experts on how buyers conduct the buying process for your solutions, what criteria weigh most heavily in their decisions, and why they are predisposed to buy your solution or your competitor's -- marketing intelligence that has a measurable impact on messaging, content marketing, sales enablement, and strategies for campaigns or marketing plans.

In our highly interactive Applying Persona Insights workshop, marketers learn how to leverage buyer personas to create relevant, concise and timely information that is highly valued by your sales people, partner channels and each of your target buyers.

Equal parts facilitation and skills training, we will spend two half-days online or one full-day on-site with your team, working together through a simple process that:

  • Ensures that every part of your marketing message and content – from the core value proposition down – convinces buyers that your solution is an exact match for their needs
  • Prioritizes marketing activities for an upcoming launch, campaign or initiative
  • Aligns your sales people and/or partner channels with your persona findings
  • Motivates sales to prioritize marketing generated leads

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The insights from these interviews are incredible. The product marketers are finally capturing the buyer’s decision process, not our selling process, and learning that it’s more than just product or price that drives a buyer to choose us, do nothing, or go to a competitor. This information is going to transform everything about the way we deliver value to our buyers and sales people.
Stephen Morton VP Product Marketing, Symantec