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My friend David Meerman Scott has done it again — he's written another book that is perfectly aligned with the needs of his buyer persona. The new book is "World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories."

You probably know about "The New Rules of Marketing and PR," the book that David wrote two years ago. But you may not know that David's success as an acclaimed author and speaker all started with a short ebook that he made available through his blog. Over a hundred thousand people downloaded that ebook in a few short months — the beginnings of a World Wide Rave that caught the attention of a big publisher.  That connection resulted in the print book that is now published in 22 languages.

Because David wrote content that connected with the needs of his buyers and made it freely available, they told each other about it. He didn't have to pay anyone to market the book. In fact, David's customers pay him to spread his ideas through keynotes that continuously grow his own World Wide Rave.

Best of all, David's success has made him a magnet for a continuous stream of new content and stories that resonate with his target buyers. David doesn't have to go out of his way to study his buyers or create content they want to share with each other, his immersion in the issues that resonate with his buyers ensures constant access to new material and ideas.

If you want to learn how to create content for social media sites and blogs that gets buyers raving about what they heard, check out his video.  David knows this stuff — he lives it.

March 2, 2009
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  1. Hi Adele,
    Greetings from Riga, Latvia where I am keynoting a conference today. Thanks so much for this post.
    You taught me so much about buyer personas. If it weren’t for your ideas, I could not have written the books that I have.

  2. Hi Adele – I read World Wide Rave and really enjoyed it – great book! I am reading through David Meerman Scott’s other books and just finished The New Rules of Marketing & PR where I came across your name and blog associated with the buyer persona.
    I just became a subscriber to your blog and look forward to reading more of your work and learning more about the buyer persona!

  3. Brad Bradley says:

    Absorbing thought provoking knowledge was our motivation in coming to your blog, which was so kindly noted in David’s book “The New Rules…..”. We’ve spent several days going over your blog Adele and we must say it is rewarding and mind expanding.
    As to David’s book, referenced above, we almost ran out of highlighter, (this is one of four books we’ve read since mid December – the others are by Ries and/or Trout.) Reviewed highlights thereafter, then took the time to read David’s book a second time, while waiting on the “Rave…” book to arrive.
    One could certainly ask why our interest in the books, and most certainly your blog? We are a small family owned corporation, really just poor Texas country people, with a product that has been proven, and developed a following, in a limited regional area. Our limited past business successes have been based on two lines of thought:
    1) Risk is the price of motion in business, but risk in and of itself is not inherently dangerous, but is terribly unforgiving of Ignorance, Carelessness or Neglect.
    2) Because of a lack of funds Innovative Thinking must replace large doses of money to make a deal work.
    Rather than take up anymore of your space, let us say: Our thanks go out to you and David by filling in some of our weak areas!
    PS the little web link is only a fun part, not work, nor major income generating source of our businesses.

  4. Jen Hofer says:

    Hi Adele,
    I’ve been researching buyer personas and was delighted when I found this – you provide such helpful information in such a clear way. I was also happy to see you here because I was lucky enough to attend one of your classes several years ago in the Bay area – it’s great to see what you’re up to now!
    I also enjoyed David Meerman Scott’s “World Wide Rave” and “The New Rules…” and wanted to mention that he’s also a gracious author, who quickly responds to emails I’ve sent him – for instance, when I launched my web globalization blog a few months ago (http://webglobalization.lionbridge.com) and asked for his feedback. He’s both encouraging and helpful, a nice person to connect with – I completely support his success, and look forward to his next projects.)
    Thanks for a great blog, Adele –
    Jen Hofer

  5. Stuart says:

    Hi Adele,
    I’ve read David Meermans Scott’s New rules and world wide Rave.
    I set up a facebook group for others to join and discuss how they have implemented these ideas.
    I have used a bunch of his ideas to quadruppled the traffic to my small foot care clinic business site.
    Anyway if anyone would like to come share how they have implemented his ideas I’d love to hear about it. http://bit.ly/XQ6qs

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